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I have 20 years' experience as an Executive Assistant working in large reputable companies in Professional Services.  At my last long term position at one of the "big four" accounting firms, I worked for Partners and Directors within one of the highest fee earning departments.  Within that department I had the opportunity to work on a client chargeable project valued at £10M which included explaining my rationale to the Client for approval. 


In between my long standing permanent positions I have completed various temporary assignments.  This has enhanced my experience and enabled me to adapt quickly to a variety of demands, working styles and environments. 


With my inbox and diary management skills, client entertaining events and business trips that I have arranged with a high level of detail and project bids that I have worked on, I have enabled my Executives to win work and high-level projects. 

This experience of working for leading Corporate Companies in the City of London has been phenomenal but I have always dreamed of building my own business.  One that I can be proud of with unlimited growth potential whilst adding value to other businesses directly.  Optimising the profits of my clients gives me a real sense of personal achievement. 

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Personal Traits

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Has the ability to consider all angles and take a bird’s eye view of a situation

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Offers solutions when problems arise

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I have adapted quickly to a variety of working styles

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Personable, approachable and easy to talk to

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Open and honest communication, trustworthy and reliable

My Approach
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Here are some of my highlights to date:

  • I worked on a client chargeable project valued at £10M which involved scheduling Consultants around the country factoring in travel distances, times and costs to match appropriate Consultants to various locations.


  • I have managed my Partner’s key contacts and arranged quarterly business development meetings with ‘cold contacts’ which accomplished opportunities that brought money directly into the business.


  • I have implemented efficient new working styles with newly promoted Directors. 


  • I arranged a private corporate event to entertain high level clients from the four largest banking groups hosted by the Partner I supported.  This event was impressive and resulted in winning long term projects.  


  • I arranged a 3 point trip for the Chief Executive of a British multinational oil and gas company and his leadership team to Chicago, Whiting and Toledo which included the use of corporate jets, transfers and last minute changes in different time zones. 


  • I arranged a trip for the International Pensions Director and his team to Jersey.  This trip consisted of several meetings during the day including lunches, breakfasts and a client dinner in the evening.  This trip resulted in good feedback from the meetings and we won a project from a multinational banking and financial services organisation resulting in being put on an approved advisers list for regular work.


  • I successfully organised an end of year party for a department of 130 people with a tight budget which included a champagne reception, a sit down meal and a DJ and dancefloor.


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